Battle Histories

Battle Narratives

The Morgan Raid & Lady Morgan (1906) by F. A. Bulleit

The Morgan Raid (1911) by William H. Roose

Morgan’s Raid (1919) from the Life of Walter Quintin Gresham, 1832-1895, by Matilda Gresham

Battle of Corydon (1929) by Hoosier Elm Chapter of D.A.R.

The Battle of Corydon (1930) by George S. Cottman

Personal Narratives

“Morgan’s Men” A Narrative of Personal Experiences (1919) by Henry Lane Stone (external link)


A Romance of Morgan’s Rough-Riders: The Raid, the Capture, and the Escape by Basil Wilson Duke (external link)

Civil War Incidents in and around Meade County, Kentucky (2003) by Dr. Marshall Myers (external link)

Research Papers

"The Great Freebooter" John Hunt Morgan: His Operations in Southern Indiana (1951) by W. P. Kitterman - PDF

Morgan’s Raid and The Battle of Corydon (1936) by Sarah Dannenfelser Franklin - PDF

Understanding the Intentions, Details, and Significance of Morgan’s Raid and the Battle of Corydon (2011) by Aric Miller - PDF


Morgan’s Raid (1991) by Andy Harrison (external link) - PDF


“War Upon Our Border”: War and Society in Two Ohio River Valley Communities, 1861-1865 (2005) by Stephen Rockenbach (external link)

Scholarly Articles

General John Hunt Morgan: The Great Indiana-Ohio Raid (1957) by James Bell Benedict, Jr., from the Filson Club History Quarterly, collection available online at: http://filsonhistorical.org/ (external link)

Radio Broadcasts

Civil War Historical Series on New Albany Radio, 1950s