Newspaper Articles about the Morgan Raid

Aurora Commercial

Trophies of the Morgan Raid (1863)

Cannelton Reporter

Issue of July 10, 1863

Issue of July 24, 1863

Corydon Democrat

July 9 Should Be Observed--Sometime Or Other 58 Years Since Morgan Raid At Corydon--Young People Should Know (1921)

“Morgan Raid” Day (1921)

About The Morgan Raid—A Part Played By Mrs. Sallie K. Jones (1922) by Rev. J. Edward Murr

Beginning Morgan Raid Incidents (1923) by Rev. Dr. J. Edward Murr

The Knights of the Golden Circle and Morgan’s Raid (1923) by W. F. Avery

The Morgan Raid (1923) by Rev. Dr. J. Edward Murr

The Young Spy (1923) by Jean Kirkham

Historical Society Meeting To Be Held--Morgan’s Raid by Samuel Pfrimmer (1927)

Reminiscences of a Former Harrison Countian - by Frank M. Brewer (1927)

Some Important History--The Battle of Corydon Which Occurred July 9,1863--written by Samuel Pfrimmer (1927)

Letter from Florida (1928) by William Rush

More About Morgan Raid (1928) by George H. O’Bannon

More Interesting Facts. About the Morgan Raid (1928) by George J. Stauth

Reminiscences of the Old Town - Palmyra (1928)

Thumb-Nail Sketches - Joseph Pitman and Nora Colin (1940) by Rev. J. Edward Murr

Thumb-Nail Sketches - Morgan's Death (1940) by Rev. J. Edward Murr

Sketches of Early Days - The Morgan Raid (1948) by Rev. J. Edward Murr

General Morgan And His Men Crosses Ohio River 100 Years Ago (1963) by Frederick Porter Griffin

Morgan Civil War Marker is Stolen (1974)

Approval Expected: Grant Recommended for Battle Site Park (1975)

Battle Site Becoming Park Site (1975)

‘Christmas present’: Park Board Receives Deed for Battle of Corydon Park Site (1975)

Some Day the Home Guard May Turn the Tables (1977)

July 9, 1863 Lives Forever Here (1983)

Morgan’s Raid Plaque Found Near Linton, Indiana (1991)

Battle Site Gets Replica Cannon by Jo Ann Spieth (1995)

Corydon Republican

Battle Celebration Not Observed (1909)

The Injury of Henry Hoar at Salem, Indiana (1909)

Morgan’s Raid – Ananias Club (1909)

50th Anniversary of the Battle of Corydon (1913)

Sixtieth Anniversary of the Battle of Corydon (1923)

Sedition in Harrison County During the War of the Rebellion (1924) by George J. Stauth

Morgan’s Raid Remains County History High Light (1945)

Corydon Crawled Out of Hiding Just Eighty-four Years Ago This July 10 (1947)

Morgan Raid Through Harrison County Began 97 Years Ago Tomorrow (1960)

On the Square - Morgan’s Crossing at Brandenburg (1962) by Arville Funk

Centennial Mailings Are Artistic (1963)

Harrison County Press

Corydon Rotary Club Undertakes Log Cabin Restoration Project (1976)

Indianapolis Daily Evening Gazette

Incidents of the Raid--Salem, Indiana (1863)

Morgan’s Raid - Bully Little Town - Corydon (1863)

Indianapolis Sunday Star

Remembers Raid on Corydon by Morgan’s Men (1942) by H. C. Barnett

Lawrenceburg Democratic Register

Another Raid into Indiana (1863)

Morgan’s Line of March thro' Indiana (1863)

Louisville Courier-Journal

Morgan’s Raid on Corydon is Recalled on 63rd Anniversary (1926)

Hoosier Historians Surprised That Flag Exists (1995)

Louisville Times

Today is Anniversary of “Battle of Corydon,” Ind. (1923)

New Albany Daily Ledger

Issue of July 8, 1863

Issue of July 9, 1863

Issue of July 10, 1863

Issue of July 13, 1863

The Georgetown Company in the Corydon Affair - July 17, 1863

Important to Those who have Lost Horses by the Morgan Raid. Order from Gen. Carrington - July 17, 1863.

Issue of July 18, 1863

Partial Issue of July 20, 1863

Partial Issue of July 21, 1863

Issue of July 22, 1863

Gen. John Morgan--Thirty-Nine Years Ago his Invading Raiders Were In Sight of New Albany--The Intense Excitement the Raiders Created (1902)

Forty Years Ago General John Morgan’s Desperate but Historic Raid Commenced—July 7, 1863. The Battle of Corydon, and the Skirmishes Preceding It (1903)

Indiana Home Guards - Men Who Fought Morgan May Receive Recognition (1907)

Morgan’s Raid. Today Marks Anniversary of Morgan’s Advent to Indiana (1909)

Morgan’s Raid Into Indiana Happened this Week Forty-Eight Years Ago—Created Panic in New Albany—Stirring Incidents of the Wild Times—The Battle at Corydon—Hoosier Home Guards Made Good (1911)

Battle of Corydon. How a Few Hoosiers Resisted Morgan’s Raid Fifty Years Ago (1913)

How New Albany Felt When the Great Raider Entered the Hoosier State (1913)

Home Guards Gather to Stop Morgan Here Fifty Five Years Ago--City Believed Object of Attack Today a Half Century Ago Was In State of Excitement (1918)

Minneapolis Man Suggest That Home Guards Who Gave Valiant Service Be Pensioned--Letter to the editor by Charles W. Steward (1921)

Morgan Raid Fifty-Eight Years Ago Saturday--Thrilling Event of the Civil War Is Recalled by Old Resident on Anniversary—Home Guards Called Out--Local Company Mobilizes on Silver Hills to Protect the City From Invasion (1921)

New Albany Ledger-Tribune

Corydon News - William Heth House (1954)

Even In Defeat Corydon Had Its Day of Glory Against Morgan (1958) by Wayne Marshall

New Albany Weekly Ledger

Morgan’s Raid. Reminiscences of Forty Years Ago (1906)

Unknown Newspapers

An Interesting Story of Morgan’s Raid as Told by One of Morgan’s Men - by Sam D. Bartley (1885-1912)

Country Jottings - Morgan’s Raid Retold by Herman Rave

Morgan Raid Celebrators Become Captives of Mud (1963) by Sexson Humphreys

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