Indiana Legion Officers – Harrison County, Indiana

Town of Corydon

Commander, 6th Regiment of Indiana Legion (Harrison County) – Col. Lewis Jordan
Provost Marshal – Col. John Timberlake
Henry Rifles – Major Thomas McGrain
Lawson Grey Rifle Corps – Capt. Samuel Lawson
Scott Guards – Capt. J. B. Carnes
Spencer Guards – Capt. George Washington LaHue
Legion Cavalry – Major Jacob Strange Pfrimmer
Legion Infantry Company – Major Leonidas Stout
Legion Infantry Company – Capt. George L. Key
Legion Infantry Company – Capt. James Doak Irwin

Town of Mauckport

Assistant Commanding Officer – Lt. Col. William J. Irvin
Mounted Hoosiers – Capt. William Farquar
Legion Infantry Company – Captain Huffman
Legion Infantry Company – Captain Henry Hays