Primary Sources

Eye Witness Reports

The following eyewitness reports are taken primarily from published newspaper accounts, some contemporary, but others published decades after the battle itself. For additional primary source accounts, see the “Letters and Diaries” section of this website.

The Morgan Raid Into Indiana (1863) by Simeon K. Wolfe – from the Corydon Weekly Democrat of July 14, 1863.

New Albany and the Morgan Raid Upon Corydon (1863) by Simeon K. Wolfe - from the Corydon Weekly Democrat, reprinted in the Indianapolis Daily Sentinel. Original CWD issue is lost.

A Tribute of Respect (1863) from the Corydon Weekly Democrat and Western Union.

Letter of Attia Porter to her cousin, John C. Andrew dated July 30, 1863.

Pisgah Lodge Memorial for Rev. Peter Glenn (1863)

Morgan’s Raid (1909) by S. S. Brandenburg – from the Corydon Republican.

Morgan’s Raid (1909) by Levi G. Saffer – from the Corydon Republican.

The Morgan Raid (1909) by Corporal W. B. Ryan – from the Corydon Republican.

Reminiscence Meeting held under the Constitutional Elm Tree (1909) - from an unknown newspaper.

Aged Woman Writes of Morgan’s Raid at Corydon (1920) by Leah Davidson - from the Corydon Republican.

Allen McDonald Visits Corydon Again (1923)

Reminisces of Strother Madison Stockslager – from the Corydon Democrat of July-August 1923:

The Morgan Raid
More About Morgan Raid – Capt. Abe Dyer as a Soldier
The Morgan Raid Again

Reminisces of John Wagner (1926)

Gen. John H. Morgan as Others Saw Him--A Cultured Gentleman (1927) by Frank A. White - from the Indianapolis Sunday Star.

Some Interesting History about the Morgan Raid and Relatives of Walter Q. Gresham (1927) by George C. Davis - from the Corydon Democrat.

An Interview with John Henry Lohmeyer (1928) - from the Corydon Democrat.

Morgan’s Raid (1941) by Charles Noah Dome - from the Corydon Democrat.

Remembers Raid on Corydon by Morgan’s Men (1942) by H. C. Barnett - from the Indianapolis Sunday Star.